Inadequate or no response within 7 days

At all times withhold the amount that is due.

That is your guarantee of honour and proof you are not just trying to avoid paying!




If they do not respond within the 7 days to your CAUTION NOTICE in a meaningful way by:

  • an automatic response confirming receipt of your email, or
  • Their standard response they have a right under the Local Government Finance Act 1992 and the Council Tax Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992, or
  • no response at all) within 7 days,

then send them a WARNING RE: Caution Notice

You will have all the information you require to fill in the CAUTION NOTICE from your response to receiving the Council's Bill

SERVING BY POST OR EMAIL You can serve by post or by email or both!


Print a copy for your records and send signed for delivery.

You do not need a covering letter.

Your RECORD now is as follows:

  1. Their Council Tax Bill, dated dd/mm/202y,
  2. Your 1st polite letter, dated dd/mm/202y,
  3. Your DSAR with 2 forms of ID, dated dd/mm/202y.
  4. Signed for delivery, served on receipt date dd/mm/202y.
  5. CAUTION NOTICE dated dd/mm/202y,
  6. Signed for delivery, served on receipt date dd/mm/202y.
  7. WARNING NOTICE date dd/mm/202y.
  8. Signed for delivery, served on receipt date dd/mm/202y.


1 - Forward your CAUTION NOTICE email.

2 - Email TO: all the email addresses in the notice.

3 - Email COPY: proofofdelivery@[the council’s server as is on the peoples email addresses, e.g. proofofdelivery@liverpool.gov.uk].

This will bounce back as undeliverable and is your proof of delivery and shows everyone that it was delivered to = witness 1.


either to a friend or CouncilTaxWitness@protonmail.com

This is proof of delivery which can be certified if needed = witness 2.

4 - In subject line put: WARNING NOTICE RE: CAUTION NOTICE [your reference number] regarding your claim ref: [their bill/account/summons #]

5 - In the body of the email: Copy and paste and fill in as required:

Notice to principal is notice to agent, notice to agent is notice to principal

CEASE your claimed enforcement rights, and DESIST until this dispute is settled.

Email service in accordance with precedence PT-2018-000160

Dear [All their first names only] and [the name of the Council]

Further to your above referenced claim I sent you a correspondence on the [dd/mm/2022] and my CAUTION NOTICE (below) of the [dd/mm/2022] requiring for you to prove my obligation to comply with your demand in your above referenced communication.

You have failed to provide your full, accurate and complete response to settle this dispute, and thereby are breaching of my peace which is a trespass upon me.

Accordingly, I herewith serve you this WARNING NOTICE and attach for your reference a copy of the CAUTION NOTICE, and require your full, accurate and complete response within 7 days to prove my obligation to comply with your demand.

Further I herewith notify you that I am withholding payment pending your proof of claim.


[your first name only]

CAUTION NOTICE [and if you signed by hand also picture of pages 1, and picture of page 12].

6 - Attach the pdf or protected: CAUTION NOTICE and if you signed by hand also the pictures of pages 1 and picture of page 12.

7 - Double check

8 - Click send

Your RECORD is now as follows:

  1. Their Council Tax Bill, dated dd/mm/202y,
  2. Your 1st polite letter, dated dd/mm/202y,
  3. Your DSAR with 2 forms of ID, dated dd/mm/202y.
  4. Your covering email letter dated dd/mm/202y,
  5. Bounced back delivery, served on receipt dated dd/mm/202y,
  6. The Caution Notice dated dd/mm/202y,
  7. Your email serving the Caution Notice dated dd/mm/202y,
  8. Bounced back delivery (or friend), served on receipt dated dd/mm/202y,
  9. Your email serving the Warning Notice dated dd/mm/202y,
  10. Bounced back delivery (or friend), served on receipt dated dd/mm/202y


Your Caution Notice details your rights and requires the Council to prove their right and your obligation or simply the lawfulness of their action, and until that is settled then they have no lawful excuse to continue their action as that will be a breach of your peace by knowingly  intending to cause you harm for which you now have the evidence!

They must within a reasonable time provide you with a full, accurate and complete response.

They have given you a minimum of 14 days Notice (§18 of the Council Tax (Administration & Enforcement) Regulations 1992) so to remove their lawful excuse we must respond within that time, and as time is now of the essence our 7 days is reasonable.


1. An automatic acknowledgement of your email is an inadequate response and is another proof of service - they have received your Notice.

2. No response

3. Their standard response if you get one is Local Government finance Act 1992 as the source of their claim (their belief of lawful excuse to breach your peace as to why they sent you the bill in the first place).

That is already obfuscation as we are asking them to prove your obligation... which falls under section 34(6) of The Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992 [1] which requires the council to satisfy the courts the  presumption that the sum has become payable by the defendant (you) as you have already told them in the polite letter...

[1] The Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992 https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1992/613/regulation/34/made

4. Should you be lucky enough to get a meaningful response, or confirmation they will stop pursuing their beliefs then please email it to maphorn@protonmail.com

If receipt confirmation, no response or standard response within 7 days send LETTER BEFORE ACTION RE: WARNING RE: CAUTION NOTICE